Strauss Innovation (2)

Inventory valuation for credit supply



Transaction background


  • Strauss Innovation needed extra capital injection after its second bankruptcy.
  • GA Europe was asked to perform the valuation process as an expert in the valuation of investment and working capital to offer a guarantee on the inventory.



Operational details


  • GA Europe valuated the inventory if it was liquidated.
  • GA Europe has developed a guarantee model in four phases based on the determined liquidation value.
  • GA Europe has implemented a monthly monitoring process.
  • GA Europe for seed monthly monitoring with a small monitoring team at the head office and in selected stores.
  • GA Europe provided a monthly analysis report to the financier and management of Strauss Innovation.





  • Through GA Europe's commitment to guarantee the monitoring process, Strauss Innovations was able to obtain the necessary capital within the timeline to ensure the business processes again.