Dutch Fashion Retailer

Clearing sales programme for a Fashion Retailer in the Netherlands



Transaction background


  • Following the  new ownership of  the business and also  restructureing , there was a high value of stock to clear.
  • GA Europe was selected to manage the stock clearing programme  for all 27 stores.
  • The timeframe of the stock clearing programme was 14 weeks.


Operational details


  • Through distribution, stock allocation and daily and weekly  monitoring of sales by store the warehouse stock of over 150k units was allocated to stores based on sales performance.
  • The GA Europe team executed its proven trade out programme, including discount/stock management, POS signs, and a guided in-store trade out process.
  • GA Europe's retail operational expertise had an immediate and significant impact upon the chain's trading performance, increasing like-for-like sales.
  • Following a full pricing review, GA Europe implemented a programme of targeted markdowns. Through article-specific and store-specific price control, GA Europe achieved an optimal margin.



  • The warehouse was emptied reconfigured  and ready for the new concept.
  • 22 stores were left clean and clear in preperation for  the new concept.
  • Due to a sensitive and subtle approach by GA Europe, there were no negative feedback from employees and a good working relationship was formed.
  • The clearance sale did not impact negatively on the trading from the  surrounding stores, which were not part of the clearing sales programme.