German Warehouse

Store closure programme with minimum guarantee



Transaction background


  • The department store chain was forced to close one of its premium locations due to an ending of the store lease agreement.
  • GA Europe was selected out of a competitive tender process to close the department store from February 2015 until May 2015.
  • The timeframe of the  stock clearing programme lasted 14 weeks.


Operational details


  • GA Europe  put an experienced team of Retail experts in the companies head office and  also into the department store.
  • GA Europe developed a marketing concept for the store closure, taking into consideration the brand identity and location.
  • Due to the above-average sales success, GA Europe was able to purchase  more stock while working in close cooperation with the buying team to deliver additional sales.
  • GA Europe was able to maintain a very high level of control throughout the entire sale in the presentation of the inventory in close collaboration with the shop team.
  • GA Europe carried out its successful closure program for the closing store with the main focus points:
    - POS materials.
    - Daily discount and inventory management at category level.
    - Condensing shopfloor during sale so that it remains attractive for the consumer to shop.




  • Management's expectations were significantly exceeded.
  • The closure of the department store was carried out in collaboration with the employees, trade union and project management at the head office.
  • Due to a sensitive and subtle approach by GA Europe, there was no negative feedback from employees and a good working relationship was formed.
  • The clearance sale did not impact negatively on the trading from the  surrounding department stores, which were not part of the clearing sales programme.
  • The management emphasized in particular the excellent cooperation of GA Europe with both the project and store team at central/management level.