American Apparel

Stock clearance programme in the UK for Fashion Retailer Men's, Ladies and Kids, American Apparel



Transaction background


  • GA Europe were asked to clear stock in  over 30 stores across the UK and  Europe which was part of a global stock clearance programme.
  • The goal was to sell through all old seasonal / aged stock and leave the stores clean for new seasonal stock and drive cash back into the business.
  • Part of our requirement was to work with the current team structure to protect the brand and deliver the required results on a day to day basis.
  • The time frame of the programme was approximately  12 weeks.


Operational details


  • The GA Europe team executed our proven  programme, with a limited space in store of approximately 20% of  floor space .
  • Worked with the global brand to deliver the required results within the UK/ European market without effecting the day to day trading of  full price sales.
  • GA Europe's retail operational expertise had an immediate and significant impact on the chain's trading performance, increasing like-for-like sales which also gave the opportunity to clear more stock than originally planned through the period.
  • Through article and store-specific price control, GA Europe achieved an optimal margin through distribution of store and previous seasonal stock,while monitoring  of daily and weekly sales by store to deliver a better sales performance aacross the UK and Europe.
  • Created an area within all stores  to highlight the discounted product.





  • All stores sold through all stock within the agreed timeline.
  • Stores and all stockrooms  were left clear in preparation for  the new seasonal stock.
  • As a result of working with the brand closely, we had a good working relationship which enhanced the overall sales and working performance.
  • The clearance sale worked very well with all stock being sold through the relevant stores.